Monday, May 28, 2012

The Official Sandbox of RMS

I don't think that I've ever explained why I decided to call my blog Rural Mama's Sandbox, so here I go, the simplest explanation:

Rural = We live in the country and we LOVE it.
Mama = I am a Mama
Sandbox = Our farm has TONS of sand so instead of stepping up on my "Soap Box" to say whatever I want on my blog, I step into my "Sandbox," plus the girls are always popping a squat and playing in the sand!

So, this summer, since the girls are outside playing a LOT and their love for the sand has become very evident, WE BOUGHT A SANDBOX! The Official Sandbox of Rural Mama's Sandbox is set up and full of play sand! I know, crazy right, we bought sand for the Sandbox even though our farm is full of sand. My husband thought I was nuts, but there is a huge different between our farm sand and play sand.

When we were looking into Sandboxes I knew that I wanted something that was shaded as well as something that could be covered to keep the critters out. We decided to go with a Sandbox from I was surprised at how fast it shipped and the box wasn't too heavy at all. I was able to move it around to where I needed to set it up. The directions left much to be desired, however, their example photos left me wondering may times if I was doing it correctly. I went slow and was able to figure out where everything went. Those that know me, know it was a huge deal that I put the Sandbox together by myself! Normally, my dear sweet husband usually assembles projects while I "assist" in whatever way I can. 

I think I love our new Sandbox as the girls do. Having children is so much fun, you get to play with all the toys and still be a grown up! I hope you enjoy these photos of the girls playing in their new Sandbox, the "Official Sandbox of Rural Mama's Sandbox"!

Our NEW Sandbox!
Little Sister doing her "Vanna White" pose showing off the Sandbox!
Big Sister with her feet buried in the sand!
 Have a WONDERFUL Day Dear followers!


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