Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Crazy Poultry Obsession Strikes Again

Bantams - 4 Silver Laced & 2 Gold Laced
Wyandottes and 2 Arucana
Okay somebody shake me! My crazy poultry obsession strikes again. Spring is a very hard time of year for me. Why? Because all of the farm stores have tubs of cute chicks and ducklings and such for sale. I've purposely tried to avoid going into these stores but have failed. I originally went in to see if they had ducklings. I've lost all my ducks and REALLY miss using duck eggs. Well, I ended up with 8 chicks, but I still wanted ducks so I decided to check another store. I think I should enter some kind of support group... PAA, Poultry Addicts Anonymous... By the time I got home, I had acquired a total of 18 chicks, 4 geese and 9 ducklings. Somebody shake me!

2 Rouen, 3 Pekin, 3 Khaki, & a mystery duckling
2 African Geese, and 2 Toulouse Geese
Here is the BEST part, we are in the process of moving (same property, just different part of the farm) AND I have no where built at the new place to house my new charges. Currently, they are living in large troughs on my covered porch and go outside in exercise pens during the day. I also have a kiddie swimming pool that I put the geese and ducklings in so that they get some swim time in every day. So, I am making it work and it's working well right now since they are small. I just have to plan and figure out my new Poultry pens at the new place before they outgrow the troughs.
Big Sister holding a Toulouse Gosling!

Like I said, somebody shake me. My CRAZY POULTRY OBSESSION STRIKES AGAIN!

If anyone knows of any sites for AWESOME poultry houses and pens please leave me a comment!

Have a GREAT Day dear followers!


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