Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Yum Yum Dishes Review & Giveaway

As a busy Mom I have to admit that most of the time I don't pay close attention to what I snack on or how much I eat. I pretty much grab and go, and sometimes grab some more. In my Snikiddy Snacks Review I noted that I opened the bag on the way home and had the bag almost gone by the time I got home. This type of snacking is just what you Don't want to do. I had been concerned about my lack of weight loss after Little Sister was born, however I hadn't been doing anything to help loose the baby weight. I recently found a cute little product called Yum Yum Dishes. These small ceramic bowls are JUST the right size for a quick snack!

As stated on her website:

Yum Yum Dishes™ are the creation of Mom and restaurant owner, Tracy Adler. During maternity leave following the birth of her daughter, Rachel, Tracy developed "a strong relationship" with her pantry door. With each visit to the pantry, she found herself saying "I can eat this - I'm breastfeeding," or "I need a few extra calories!" Though she would pop open a jar of peanuts, or a bag of chips for what she intended to be a quick nibble, Tracy inevitably carried the goodies back to the couch and before she knew it, would consume half the bag! What bothered her more than the calories was the fact that she wasn't even consciously aware of how much she was eating. 

With the help of artist Robert Sheeran, Tracy spent about six months developing the 4 ounce ceramic bowls and began offering them at her restaurant as gift items, or as part of an appetizer or dessert order (patrons get to keep the Yum Yum Dish™ their food arrived in).

Yum Yum Dishes™ are available through Tracy's website, They are dishwasher safe (though they really love to be hand-washed). Presented in four colors, each bowl also includes some encouragement to end your snacking, letting you know that "Yum Yum time is over."
The very popular Yum Yum Dishes™ message of "all things in moderation" inspired Tracy to apply that same healthful concept to the menu at Cafe on the Square, where diners can order smaller portions of gourment dishes for lunch or dinner.

The day I received my Yum Yum Dish I couldn't believe how tiny it was! At first I thought, "Oh No, I can't do this, that dish is too tiny for snacks!" But I was wrong. You would be surprised just how satisfying a 4 ounce snack is! I began by grabbing a handful of my favorite snacks and putting them in the dish. If I could fit more than one handful, it was a bonus. I would only have one dish of each type of snack a day. So, if I ate pretzels in the morning, I had to choose another type of snack later in the day. I also forced myself NOT to go back for seconds. I could choose a different snack, I just couldn't go back for seconds of the same snack. I began to become aware of how much I really was snacking. I realized that I had been snacking all day, not monitoring the amount of snacks, and I wasn't eating balances meals though the day. I couldn't believe how much I was eating all day long, no wonder I wasn't loosing my baby weight! I finally got into a schedule that worked. I made time for regular healthy meals and I used my Yum Yum Dish when I needed a snack, but only a couple times a day instead of all day long. A great feature of this dish is the writing on it. "Yum Yum Time" is written on the rim and "Over" is written on the bottom for the inside of the dish. It is a friendly reminder that you had your snack and now your are done! This dish not only changed my waistline but changed my attitude about snacking and food in general! 

Overall, I find this product very helpful, it is cute, easy and just fun to use! I think the ONLY down fall is that I find them just a tad too highly priced.

Cost: $22.00 for set of 4 Yum Yum Dishes
Where to Buy: Yum Yum Dishes Website

My Rating: A $$$$

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Disclaimer: I was provided one Green 4 ounce Yum Yum Dish from Yum Yum Dishes to review and one Yellow 4 ounce Yum Yum Dish to Giveaway. The information written in this review are my thought and opinions only and I was not paid to say anything in this review.  Yum Yum Dishes nor I guarantee this as a weight loss product. The product is used to promote portion control.


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