Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What's on Your Fridge?

I have NO idea why it is SO interesting to see what other people (especially people you don't really know) have in their home, but it is. What is their "style" and how to they decorate their home? I'm guessing that is why we have shows on TV like MTV Cribs and Extreme Home Makeover.

I came across a post by Julie, the Cloth Diaper Geek and decided to join in on something fun going around the blogs today that was started by Dirty Diaper Laundry! I just couldn't resist being a part of this linky! I have to admit that it took all I had, not to change anything on the fridge... And I spared you the photo of the top of my fridge. I am going to keep that a secret for now,well except for my Word Bird, pictured here on the right! I thought it was cute... So you can get a glimpse of it, instead of the whole messy top of the fridge!

Left Side
A- Empty Dry Erase Board, since I rarely use it... probably because it is on the left side and not the front...
B- Names and Addresses of people that serve on the local Animal Shelter's Board of Directors, I am the Secretary.
C- My Cousin's Baby Birth Announcement (2010)
D- Names and Addresses of my church members
E- Names and Phone Numbers of volunteers and services we use frequently for our Non Profit Organization
F- Another Dry Erase Board, this one has "Grocery List on Calender Tear Off" written on it.

A- Bank Note Pad on top of the stack, under there are old Baby Well Check visit slips for my girls.
B- Receipt held on by a star fish magnet.
C- Big Sister's Birth Announcement held on by a magnet with a magnet that has 2 unicorns on it in a sunflower field and says "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved" and a magnet Poison Helpline magnet (it is the one with the red border)
D- Tylenol Dosage Chart for Babies and young children from my family doctor.
E- Little Sister's Birth Announcement held on by a Magnet that is three cartoon looking cows
F- Fetal Movement and Preterm Labor Symptoms chart from my family doctor... guess that one can come down since I'm not pregnant, hehe
G- Flip Flop Magnet that used to hold a note pad, but it is broken... needs to come down too, hehe
H- Magnetic Bracelet I took off after church and left on the fridge
I- Invitation to our Girl's Family Get Away, that took place in May
J- Business Card (you can barely see it)
K- Save the date for my niece's wedding, which was in October
L- Random Business Magnet that I have no idea where is came from...
M- Chip Clip Magnet
N- Business Card for the local Consignment shop held on by a Precious Moments Magnet of a little boy dressed as a clown.
O- Christmas Photo Card of my sister and her kids from 2010
P- Mom's Plan It Calendar, LOVE this! There is space to write each family member's name on the left. It is correct and open to November 2011.

Right Side
A- Coloring Sheet from Church that Big Sister Colored, it is says "Trust in the name of the Lord. Isaiah 50:10"
B- Baby Sister Notes Dry Erase Magnetic Sheet, it is partially hidden under item A
C- Another Coloring Sheet from Church that Big Sister Colored. It is Joseph's Coat Pattern.
D- The Bright Pink Paper, Mother's Day Card with Big Sister's Hands and Foot making a Butterfly that a friend of mine helped Big Sister Make for me last year! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! There is another one of those Poison Helpline Magnets a the corner of it too, hehe.
E- Indiana Horse Rescue "Save The Horses" Car Magnet
F- Article from local newspaper about our Pastor and his Youth Program from 2009... probably could come down now too, hehe
G- Learning Sheet from Church about Luke 19:1-10 when Zacchaeus Learned About God's Love. There is a Maze with in the tree but Big Sister just scribbled all over it. It is held on by an magnet made out of a Pepsi can in the shape of a horse but it is hard to see because it is partially covered by item F.
H- Walgreens Magnet that is doing nothing... we don't use Walgreens very often...

Note how everything is above toddler height so that Big Sister doesn't pull anything off and shred it. She has this thing about tearing anything paper into teeny tiny pieces and the balling them up.

Well, I hope you all enjoy What's on my Fridge! Now I have to go change it!

Have a great day dear followers!


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