Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hand Turkey Craft

Earlier this week Big Sister and I decided to do a craft. I wanted to put up some Thanksgiving decorations and this would be the perfect solution! It was a simple craft that I had seen, maybe even done, when I was younger.

(2) Sheets of Tan Cardstock Paper
(1) Sheet of Red Cardstock Paper (I actually used scraps because we didn't need a whole sheet)
(1) Sheet Orange Cardstock Paper (I actually used scraps because we didn't need a whole sheet)
Brown Paint
(1) Sheet Dark Brown Cardstock Paper (I actually used scraps because we didn't need a whole sheet)
(3) 2mm 9" x 12"  Foam Sheets (we used red, yellow, and neon green)
Glue on Wiggly Eyes

All supplies can be found at craft stores like JoAnn or Micheals.

First, we Painted our hands with the brown paint. Then we pressed our hands on the Tan Cardstock Paper. We let the paint dry, then, cut out the hand prints leaving about a 1/4 inch boarder around them. We cut tear drop shapes out of the Foam Sheets for my handprint since they were big and thin feather shaped ones for Big Sister's handprint, 3 per handprint and one of each color. If you don't have foam sheets you can use different colors of Cardstock, the Foam just gives them a little more dimension. Next, we cut out triangles on the Orange Cardstock for each handprint to use as beaks. Then, we used the Red Cardstock to cut out wavy shapes to use as the caruncles that are under the beak.Then, we cut out 1 inch long thin strips to make into feet for our turkey. After we had everything cut out we pasted everything in place, putting the tear drop feathers in between the four fingers. We used the thumbs are the head and pasted on a wiggle eye, the beak, and the caruncles. After we pasted on the legs, we taped the back all of the turkeys in a row to a string so that we could hang them above the sink. You can make as many or as few of the turkeys, but the more you do the more supplies you will need!

Big Sister enjoyed having her hand painted and helping me press down the wiggly eyes to glue them on, but that is about as much help as she was during this craft since she is only 2. If you want more involvement from your kids, I suggest trying this craft with older kids, especially ones that know how to used scissors safely and correctly!

Have fun and enjoy Dear followers!

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