Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I own all the "Unpairs"

Sad to report that last night I lost the last of my hens. A family of racoons has claimed the life of ALL my chickens, well all except the Rooster. I have the oddest poultry left, I have the "Unpairs". I have a Rooster and no hens. I have a Peacock and no Peahen. I have a Turkey, but no Female Turkey. I have an African Goose and no Gander. The only pair I have left is a Pekin Drake and a Rouin Duck, although they are not the same breed. I am ready to through my hands up in the air and submit to these Racoons!

With the loss of our farm dog this winter, my poultry just didn't have a chance. He was our defender, he never once went after my birds, he knew they were special, or rather, he knew that was where I got eggs from... and boy did he LOVE eggs! If I dropped one or if there was a blemish or crack in an egg, he always got a special treat. I miss our dear sweet Joey, the BEST farm dog ever. A GOOD farm dog is hard to come by and they are never for sale. I badly need another, but I would need to train it... which takes time... something I have very little of. Joey was a Bernese Mountain Dog cross and I hope to some day find another one like him to continue is legacy on the farm. He was sweet and gentle, loved EVERYONE and would insist on getting petted by rubbing his paw on your leg. I don't know how he knew it but during the day he just hung out and was "off duty", the only exception being if a horse got loose or tried to eat grass on his side of the fence. He would bark at them to keep the horses in line! But as soon as the sun started setting he was "on call" and scouted the property. No dog, Coyote, Fox, Raccoon, Opossum was safe if they entered our farm!

So, now what do I do?

Thanks for listening dear followers and stay tuned for a new giveaway coming soon!


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