Thursday, January 24, 2013

I have to go potty!

We were in Menards looking at Corner Showers for our Master Bathroom one Sunday. We happen to pass by a toilet with a bidet attached to the top. My husband admired it for a moment and then we moved on. Big Sister was walking with us and without missing a beat started pulling down her pants and said "I have to go potty." My husband and I turned around,  looked at each other, then ran and reached for Big Sister as panic ran through our veins. We got to her before she sat down and christened Menard's display, but boy was my adrenaline pumping. I had seen things like this on TV and in movies, but never expected for it to happen to me! Thank God we caught her when we did because I had NO idea what we would have done if we hadn't. I guess this just goes to show how unpredictable children can be and it will give us a nice story to embarrass her with when she is older!

Anyone have a similar experience with your child? Did you catch them in time? If not, WHAT did you do?

Have a Blessed day dear followers!


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