Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whahoo Whahoo Happy Dance

I think I may be a little excited, okay, maybe a LOT excited! I am getting a Dynky Dype from Doodle Dypes and hopefully I will be able to review it for the Newborn Fluff Challenge!!!!!!

I am crossing my fingers, hoping to get some more newborn fluff to try. If not I will probably compare the brands I have in my stash, since most are One Size and tell how well they fit and work for newborns... but only as a last resort!

Had a doctor's appointment this past week, everything is good and the baby's heartbeat was 140bpm which is normal for her. Her heartbeat has been between 140-145bpm at each check up. No signs of early delivery though... I am SO ready to have her here already! This pregnancy has been a bit different than my first. This baby is so low and she feels so much heavier, not sure if she is or isn't but my belly "feels" heavy. My big belly making my back and tailbone pretty sore, which is something I didn't have much of with my first. I also have swelling in my hands and feet now... which I only had after I gave birth to my first and only then did I have it for maybe a week. It seems so weird that there are so many differences.

Well, I have to cut this short dear followers, my daughter is up from her nap!


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