Friday, October 19, 2012

We do not celebrate Halloween

Normally, I post a Freebie Friday on Friday mornings. It is a craft posted by MyMemories. I decided last week and this week as well that I would NOT be posting the craft as it was a coffin box and was focused on Halloween. In our home we do not celebrate Halloween.

In General when people think of October the first thing that comes to mind is Halloween, "Trick-or-Treating", and Costumes. I had not really thought about why we (Americans) celebrate Halloween until after my children were born. Big Sister was about 4 months old for her first Halloween and I thought it would be "So Cute" to dress her up and walk around with my Sister and her girls as her oldest went door to door. After that day, I began to really think about what was behind Halloween and if I really wanted my family celebrating this "holiday". The more my husband and I read about Halloween (which literally sent chills down my spine) and the more we read the Bible, the clearer that answer has become to us. In our home we will not celebrate Halloween.

To get an idea of the History of Halloween, I would encourage you to visit the article written on (

There is also a very good article written on answering the question "Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?" (

Even though Halloween is highly commercialized in this day in age and no one "really" understands where it came from, I still feel like it is wrong for our family to celebrate the "holiday." I stand for the truth and want my girls to always stand for the the truth, and the truth is in our Lord Jesus Christ.

What are your thoughts about Christianity and Halloween?

Have a blessed day dear followers!

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  1. Hi, Kelsey. I really like your blog. I don`t live in the US, I`m from Dominican Republic, a Caribbean island. But since globalization, almost every celebration Americans do, my country have it. Halloween is one of it. Since must bilingual school do it here, I was worry for my son when he start his new school, about this celebration. But at his school, they don`t do it, They do special light day, a day to celebrate the good things. They could have costume, but a good ones, like nurse, doctor, teacher, the kind of people that help other. I`m agree with you, I don`t like that holiday and try to teach my child, thanks for share with us your sentiment.


    1. Thank you for your comment Indira and thank you for sharing your perspective!


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