Thursday, December 22, 2011

Overprotective or Practical?

I have to admit that before I gave birth to my daughters, I never really thought about child safety much. It wasn't until I became pregnant with Big Sister that I really started reading up about safety with babies and young children. When Big Sister became mobile I felt the need to get the foam corner protectors for my coffee table, outlet covers to keep fingers out of plugs, and other similar items. Our home was safe for our little one and I was happy with what we had put in place to prevent any big mishaps. Big Sister didn't really crawl normal and most of the time she would sit in one place and play for a while, so her mobility wasn't a huge deal for me with regards to her safety. It wasn't until Little Sister became mobile that we started looking for ways to protect her from herself. Little Sister started trying to walk just before she turned 9 months, which totally blew my mind because Big Sister didn't start trying to walk until 13 months. So, here I had this tiny, little, wobbly baby trying to walk and follow her big sister EVERYWHERE. Needless to say, the falls came on strong and although she would cry when she fell, it didn't stop her. So, my husband and I decided to look for a way to protect Little Sister's precious head from all the falls and bumps. I did some research online and found a couple companies that sold safety head gear for babies and toddlers. I settled on a product called the Thudguard. I have to admit that I felt a little silly buying the Thudguard. I mean come on, babies have been walking and falling for thousands of years, right? Why should it be a big deal?

Well, we bought the Thudguard and we love it! It gives us peace of mind that we are protecting our daughter, helping her precious head and brain grow safely. I think Little Sister appreciates it as well. The first night we put it on her she was mad and wanted it off. The next day, she didn't seem to mind as much. And now, she loves it! She has figured out that it helps her head not hurt when she falls. She will sometimes bring me her helmet if I don't put it on right away and she wants to play. And, I think it has kept my husband from having several heart attacks when Big Sister or the dog has knocked her down on accident.

So, what do you think? Are we being overprotective or practical? Would you buy a Thudgard or a similar product for your child?

If you are interested in more information about the Thudguard, please visit their website!

Have a wonderful day dear followers and a VERY Merry Christmas this weekend!

Disclaimer: The information expressed in this post are my opinion based on my experience with my children and the Thudguard we purchased. I was not compensated in ANY way by posting about the Thudguard. I, nor, the producers of the Thudguard make any guarantees about the Thudguard or its use with babies and toddlers.


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