Thursday, December 08, 2011

Barney Live - Birthday Bash Review

The girls and I had the awesome privilege of being able to review Barney Live - Birthday Bash on November 17th in Indianapolis. My mother was kind enough to come along, enjoy the show, and help with the girls. Of course, before the show we had to buy some show souvenirs, we bought a ball (Katelynn's choice), a hat and a wand that lit up! This was the first Live show that my girls had seen and I was super excited to see their reactions. As soon as Barney hit the stage their eyes were GLUED to the show! Big Sister is close to 2 1/2 years old, Little Sister is 9 months, and they both got a HUGE kick out of the show. I was completely surprised at Little Sister's attention span as well as how animated she became. I couldn't hold her still! She wanted to stand and jump and dance on my lap during the songs, it was SO cute!

The show was very nice and the actors did a great job at getting the crowd to respond and interact during the show. They were really a talented group. It lasted about an hour and a half with an intermission in the middle. My girls would have been pleased with just the first part of the show, but were still entertained throughout the second half as well. Since the girls are so young and can't tell me which part was their favorite, I will tell you mine! "Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun Please Shine Down on Me..." I LOVED this song, especially when Barney & Friends came out with the brightly colored umbrellas as props. It was just TOO Cute and really well choreographed.

The only downside I found with the show, was when they shot cannons of confetti into the crowd a couple times. The kids seemed to LOVE it and didn't seem to phase the girls, but I jumped each time they went off because they were loud! So, if you decide to see Barney Live - Birthday Bash, if your an adult, I'd recommend using the restroom before the show because of the silly cannons!

Overall, we had a great time and the show was great! It appealed to a wide variety of ages and was very interactive! I hope you all enjoy my review and decide to take a special day and see a show with your little ones!

Thanks for reading dear followers!

Disclosure: I received 4 tickets from Bohlsen PR, Inc. to review the show. I was not compensated in any other form. The opinions and experiences expressed in this post are mine and I nor Bohlsen PR Inc., nor Vee Corporation guarantee that you will enjoy this show. 


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