Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Changing Diapers Book Review & Fuzzi Bunz Giveaway

When I first started out researching cloth diapers, most of what I learned came from other Moms as well as various websites. As convenient as the internet is, it seemed like each information page I found was dedicated to one type of cloth diaper or only a few types, the pool of brand choices seemed overwhelming, and don't even get me started on researching washing instructions and detergents.  What I needed was a sweet and simple "Go To" guide or manual that had it all. I managed pretty well without one, but I have definitely learned from several mistakes.

I recently had the awesome privilege on of being able to review an online version of the new book by Kelly Wels, Changing Diapers: A Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering. I had been reading a lot about Changing Diapers around the web and had been dying to get my hands on a copy! Where was THIS when I was starting out? I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of all the new mommies out there that now have this "Go To Guide" for cloth diapering available for all their cloth diapering questions!

Changing Diapers: A Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering is charmingly put together. The photos are beautiful and the writing is straight forward, easy to understand, and interesting. It made me giggle each time I flipped to a page with a cute little baby with a fluffy bum!

Screen shot from Page 22 of Changing Diapers:
A Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering
My main purpose for cloth diapering my girls was 1) To limit my girls' exposure to harsh chemical through diapers and 2) To save money. There are so many more reason why Mom's choose to use cloth diapers, these are just the most important to me. Both of these topics as well as others can be found in the FIRST Chapter of Changing Diapers: A Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering and boy do they explore the harsh chemical subject well. I knew disposables used various chemicals, but after reading through the list and their descriptions I was convinced even more that I had made the right choice in using cloth diapers.

Overall, I was really impressed with Changing Diapers: A Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering! This book is simple to read and flows nicely from subject to subject. It is a great guide for first time Moms and Dads or even Parents that are wanting to make the switch to Cloth Diapers. I am so glad that there is now a "Go To Guide" for Cloth Diapers!

My Rating: A+ $$$
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Cost: $17.95, 6.5 x 6.5, paperback, 215 pages, full color (ISBN 978-0-9835622-1-4)

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The Changing Diapers Team is SO Awesome, they are offering up a FuzziBunz One Size Cloth Diaper to one of my lucky readers!

This giveaway ends November 1, 2011 at 11:00PM EST. The winner will be selected by Random.org and notified by e-mail as well as their First name and Last Initial will be posted on my blog.

I hope you all enjoyed my book review! Have a wonderful evening dear followers!

Disclaimer: I was given a link to an online version of the book Changing Diapers: A Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering to review. I was not compensated for this review and this review details my personal opinion and experience reading this book.


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