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Felt Play Food by jdensing Review & Giveaway

Big Sister has a nasty little habit of throwing toys. Normally, she doesn't throw them at people, she just likes to throw them around the house. Well, this was fine (And yes I probably should have corrected it right away, but you live and learn...) until Little Sister was born. Now Mommy gets a little nervous during Big Sister's play time when she decides to run up and down the hall and into the living room throwing toys. I had a felt barn and farm animal set that I was given when I was pregnant with Big Sister, but didn't realize how great of an idea it was until Little Sister came along. When Big Sister plays with the Felt Toys, I don't get so nervous that she might accidentally throw them in Little Sister's direction and hurt her. Well, now that Big Sister is starting to play pretend more and more, I began looking for toy foods and tea sets to encourage her imagination. I came across the Felt Play Food shop on Etsy during my search for safe toys!

About jdensing's from Felt Play Food Etsy Shop:

"My name is Jenny and I am from Houston, Texas. I have always enjoyed homemade items, both making and receiving! I am a University of Houston Alumni and have my BFA degree in Fine Arts-Painting. As a creator, I can't stand idle hands; so sculpting fun felt food toys just comes naturally to me!

Here at my shop you will find a large assortment of play food items that will keep your little ones using thier imagination for hours.

I am always contemplating new ideas and adding new items so keep checking back!!"

You can visit her shop here:

Jenny aka jdensing from Felt Play Food sent me her best seller, the "Sushi Set" (3 black rolls, 2 chopsticks, & a fortune cookie) for Big Sister and I to review! This set is actually featured in "Lucky Kids" Magazine's Spring issue! Her Felt Play Foods are popular around the World, as she has sold in 9 different countries! Not only can you find this COOL Sushi Set in her Etsy Shop, but you can will find items like Nachos, a Fajita Taco Kit, Smores, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Jumbo Shrimp, Pizza and So Much More!

When my hubby brought the package in from the mailbox I was SO excited! The Sushi Set was in a clear plastic bag and taped shut, which was nice because with all the rain we have been having lately it was a relief to see that the toys were protected inside the package as well. I pulled all the pieces out and set them on the coffee table. Big Sister was instantly curious to see what I had. When she came over I grabbed the Chopsticks and began picking up each Sushi piece, brought it close to my mouth and said "Yum Yum Yum" and then put it down to get another one. Big Sister giggled and began to follow my lead. She couldn't quiet figure out how to use the Chopsticks like Mommy but it sure was cute watching her try! The Sushi pieces were her favorite and she picked them up and walked around the house with them. Every once and a while she would come back to the coffee table to pretend to eat them. I got a kick out of her trying to hold all three Shushi pieces in her hands while trying to pick up the Chopsticks as well... it didn't work out very well. She could get all three Shushi Pieces in her arms, but when she went to grab a Chopstick, she would drop a Sushi. She'd pick up the Chopstick and then try to pick up the Sushi, but dropped a Chopstick as she did, SO CUTE! She played with them for the rest of the night and even put the Fortune Cookie and Sushi pieces in the microwave and oven of her little kitchen set. My husband laughed and told Big Sister that "If you put Sushi in the microwave, it isn't Sushi anymore."

Overall I was very impressed with the quality of the Sushi Set. All the pieces were sewn really nice. The Sushi were wrapped tight and sewn so that it couldn't come undone. Big Sister tried to stick her fingers in the centers of the Sushi but they wouldn't go in and as she pushed the felt it didn't try to fall out the other side. Most of the pieces were super soft and squishy. The only issue we had was with the Chopsticks. My husband was fine with Big Sister sitting still with them but later in the evening when she started running up and down the hall with them he got nervous. There appears to be a thin wooden dowel inside the felt to help keep its structure. My husband was afraid Big Sister would slip, fall, and hurt herself if she fell on the Chopstick. I think that the dowel inside would break easily if she landed on it, but you never know. So, for the rest of the night she was only allowed to play with the Sushi and Fortune Cookies, which she was ok with because she LOVED the Sushi. This is a great play food set for kids, but I think there needs to be an alternate type of Chopstick for young kids like Big Sister. We love the Sushi Set and I will definitely be looking into buying another set from Jenny's line of Felt Play Food!

Cost: $3.50 (6 Green Beans Felt Play Food) - $34.00 (Dessert Felt Food Set)

My Rating: A+ 

Jenny from Felt Play Food has graciously offer One LUCKY reader the chance to win her "3 M&M Cookies" set!


 Entries close May7, 2011 at 5:00 PM EST. Winner will be selected using Entries open to Everyone. Winner will be notified via e-mail as well as the Winner's first name and last initial will be placed on my blog.

I hope you enjoyed my Review dear followers and Good Luck to all those entering the Giveaway!

Disclaimer: Jenny from Felt Play Food by jdensing Etsy Shop sent me one Sushi Set to review. I was not compensated for my review. Everything I wrote was my personal opinion based on our (my daughter and I) interaction with the product. Jenny nor I guarantee any type of satisfaction that may or may not come from purchasing the product.


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