Thursday, July 11, 2013

Goat Show Adventures

Well, last month I decided to show my goats at an American Dairy Goat Association sanctioned show about an hour away, but their time is an hour ahead of us. These are my first goats and I have never shown an animal my entire life, but I figured I might as well jump in with both feet. I loaded up the van at 4:00 A.M., yes people 4:00 A.M., and headed to pick up a friend of mine who has shown goats before. I am not a morning person, so, I kind of forgot a lot of things... like chairs, our puppy exercise pen since I wasn't sure if my goats could fit through their gates or not, shavings and ice for the cooler. I got gas, paid for the ice then forgot to get it, silly me. Had to make a quick pit stop to pick up shavings for the stall, thank goodness there was one bag left on the shelf!

After making pit stops for gas and shavings, then taking the wrong turn and going about 3 miles out of the way, we finally arrived about 7:35A.M. their time. We were just 5 minutes late, but so were a few others and they were still registering goats, so all was good. We got the girls unloaded and set up in their stall, the gates were wide enough they could just fit through them, so instead of enjoying the show we were baby sitting the whole day and taking turns if a breed came up that we wanted to see. Our class didn't start until 5:30 P.M., yes P.M. people. It was a very very very long day. It was a neat experience, I wasn't sure I wanted to show again after that long day but I met some more cool crazy goat people and they convinced me to take my girls to a show at the end of this month. I will be more prepared this time and I won't have to get up as early since it is local.

My girls hanging out in their stall at the show!

Overall, it was fun but exhausting. My Gold, Blue eyed doe, Prairie Wood Golden Dynasty "Dyna" placed 2nd out of 6 in her class. My Chamiosee colored doe, Prairie Wood Mariposa Vistosa "Mary" placed 6th in the same class. The judge was picking long bodied does all day and I knew Dyna woukd do much better because she is the longer bodied of the two. The girls had tough competition but I was pleased with how well they did all day and weren't stressed at all.  They just kind of went with the flow.

I have to admit, I am totally into this owning goats thing, they are so fun! I am sure there are many more adventures to come and I just can't wait until the are old enough to breed and milk!
I'm thinking Big Sister is totally into the goats too! :)

Have a great day dear followers!


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