Friday, April 19, 2013

The Goats Have Arrived

Please give a warm welcome to my new babies!

I am a beginner when it comes to goats. I have a lot of experience with horses, poultry, dogs, cats, even rabbits, but never had goats. Thankfully, I have friends that have goats. The first night the goats were home the blonde, Dyna, was crying in their pen outside and just wouldn't stop. It got dark and she kept it up. She sounded so pitiful, so I finally called my friend for suggestions. 

Since they were raised by their Moms, my dear friend suggested they were missing their Moms. Evidently, goats can "worry" themselves into getting sick. I just got these babies, no way did I want them to get sick on their first night. My friend's suggestion... bring the goats into the house for the night. Okay, no problem, I borrowed a large dog crate and brought them in. Instant relief and no more crying. The next morning, out they went back into their pen. 

We have had a nice little routine going on each day, until today. It had been nasty raining and COLD, all day long. What is a girl to do? Keep the goats inside all day? Yes, that is exactly what I am doing, although they were getting bored, so right now they are exploring my living room. Mary, the dark one, has already jumped on my coffee table and attempted the couch and Dyna has made it on the couch once. It is quiet the scene, let me tell you! Thank God, my youngest is taking a nap or we might have a three ring circus going on.

I think I have a pretty good shot at that Crazy Goat Lady title after all! This would not be possible without my dear sweet incredibly understanding husband, he has been a trooper through my new "hobby," which had reminded me why I love him so much!

Have a wonderful evening dear followers!


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