Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jasper the Mule Childrens DVD Review

Both of my daughters have a love for horses, however they both have an infatuation with donkeys. Whenever I take them to the barn, they casually look around, check out the horses, play with the barn cats and then ask me to go see the donkeys. We currently have two donkeys that live at the farm, Samuel and Solomon. Both came from not so great pasts but both have made great improvements. This summer we learned that Samuel would accept a young rider, which is saying a lot since when he arrived he would just assume kick you as look at you. He just LOVES kids and after several months of coaxing from our friend's 10 year old grandson, Samuel decided life was okay here and that he could trust us (okay the kids at least). Big Sister was the first to "ride" Samuel, that first day, he acted like he was carrying precious glass that could be broken with the wrong move. I was amazed! I think that that day was the day Big Sister REALLY developed her infatuation with donkeys.
  About a month ago I was contacted by Cheryl Pollak, the producer of a children's animated series, "Jasper the Mule." I was excited and honored at the opportunity for us to review "Jasper the Mule" , espeically since the girls love horses and donkeys so much.

 "Jasper the Mule" is a series of holiday-based 22 minute specials following a young mule named Jasper and his best friend, a Jack Russell Terrier named Moxie, on their adventures.
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I knew that my girls would love these specials and boy was that an understatement. There isn't a day that goes by that my girls don't ask me to watch "Donkeys" as they call it. They don't quiet get the concept that a mule is a cross between a donkey and a horse, yet. To them, are the same thing. Anyways, "Jasper the Mule" was a HUGE hit in my home! My girls are 3 and 1 1/2 now and just get a kick out of Jasper and his adventures. I have to admit that they are addiciting to watch for adults as well, my favorite is the Valentine special. Althought, after the girls fighting over and pulling out the "Jasper the Mule" DVD out of the drawer constantly for me to play, it has scratches now that affect our Valentines special a little bit.

 As a parent, I found it very neat and educational that during each special the animals discuss the "meaning of" or the "reason" people celebrate that particular event/holiday. The language and conversations between characters are poliet and not contriversial. The subjects are relevent, up to date, and enjoyable for the whole family. The colors are also vibrant and attractive for children.

Overall, we gave "Jasper the Mule" 10 FINGERS UP because we loved it!
My Rating: A+ $$$$
Cost: $24.99 per DVD (one show per DVD) or $139.99 for The Jasper Movie Bundle  (6 DVDs)
Where to Buy: Online at
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