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Sponsor Spotlight: The Green Nursery

Welcome to another Sponsor Spotlight! The Green Nursery is graciously sponsoring a Ones and Twos Cloth Diaper for the Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway May 1st-May12th!

Scott and Abby are a husband and wife duo that own and run The Green Nursery in Bloomington, Indiana. The Green Nursery was started in 2006 after their son was born and has been growing ever since. At TGN you can find a huge variety of quality Cloth Diapers, Accessories, Baby Carriers, Toys & Dolls, Teething & Feeding products, as well as Bath and Body Care!

To introduce you to Abby and The Green Nursery, I decided to put together a small interview for your viewing pleasure!

Kelsey: What makes selling cloth diaper special to you? 

Abby: I love that TGN in in the business of helping families make a healthy, economical and responsible choices.  Seeing new moms and dads step outside of the box and try something new is so fantastic.  Oh, and I love babies.

Kelsey: What was the first cloth diaper you purchased? 

Abby: Happy Heiny's One Size

Kelsey: Do you have any favorite cloth diapers? If so, what brand(s) do you like most and which color/prints do you love? 

Abby: I have way too many favorite cloth diapers and brands.  I love bumGenius 4.0's because I think they are great starter diapers, and they have an excellent fit.  But my #1 all time fave is the GroVia system.  They certainly have the hippest prints on the market.

Kelsey:  What do you think is the biggest pro to using cloth diapers?

Abby: The biggest con? Biggest pro - Seeing how much cash you save, while 'greening' up your lifestyle.  Biggest con - Hmm....Laundry I suppose.  But it seems most cloth diapering families don't mind the extra load, at all.   

Kelsey: If you could give Moms one tip to help them succeed in using cloth diapers, what would it be? 

Abby: Don't over think it.  Get a few, try them out.  Try out other brands until you find your favorite.  Our TGN Trial Pack was created to help give families a feel for cloth diapering while giving them an easy out.  Make sure to choose your detergent and diaper creams wisely, if you don't you could ruin your stash.  

You can learn more about Scott and Abby by visiting their profiles on The Green Nursery Blog!

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  1. Thanks for the Ones & Twos Giveaway!

    Molly Yarber

  2. Thanks for the Ones & Twos Giveaway.

    Kim Burchard Emerson

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! It looks as if my comment on here didn't go through. :( here is a link to my facebook post from 4/30:!/TheGreenNursery/posts/394993277189892
    I hope to get my extra entries still...where is the giveaway, btw?


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